Week 8 – Embracing Change

Some of the old stuff just doesn’t matter anymore.  I will explain.

In my current job (house cleaning) I do not get too many opportunities to listen to a lot of people, most of the owners are gone.  So this week I was blessed with a couple of opportunities to meet up with a few friends and colleagues with whom I have share a little bit of the information about this MKMMA journey.  One of them looked at me in total bewilderment, one just agreed, and one totally got it (She was the one I figured was least likely to understand – and I was wrong)

I had the chance to watch, listen, and learn as others spoke about their daily lives and “things” they wanted and wanted to babble on about.  Their judgements and opinions went on and on.  And it hits me – I have a choice in this! and so do they, but they don’t realize the power they have.  I felt like I was watching a Charlie Brown episode and listening to the teacher “Wha Wha, wa wa wa wa”.  I was actually “intentionally” ignoring them and focusing on me and my choices.  Is this a person who gives me life or takes it away?  I will be making some choices about some of my so called friends.

And another thought that I have pondered on deeply the past couple of weeks – “Give more, get more”.

Give – have you given much thought to how many meanings there are?    Well I have narrowed it down to a couple.

Give = a monetary transaction
Give = a kind gesture in helping another
Give = to concede, surrender
Give = to “budge”, crack a little, move a little (THIS IS IT!)  This is the one that resonates in my mind.

The Golden Buddha “cracks” and falls apart, but some force of energy had to occur to cause this to happen.  Think about it!

Give More, Get More – when the cement gives way, more is revealed.  When pulling up a bad root, and it “gives” way – you get more root.
When you put forth more energy to the lesson at hand, you GET more insight into the Laws of Growth and learning, etc.

I am still baffled at how deep this goes in my thinking.  This may actually have to be a “to be continued” blog post.  Hmmm, have to think on this some more.




Week 7 – Wandering Minds

I am continually amazed at how during the course of this study, without expecting it, out of nowhere an idea or image or someone’s invention just “hits the nail on the head” and confirms and clarifies what I have been learning.

This interesting metaphoric concept of how our minds wander every few seconds – a vibration thing – popped up on a Facebook page.
Even a fun device will be out of “Sync” and then find its way back to it’s original synchronization or a neat synchronized pattern.


It’s fun to see things at play – and my mind is playing and recognizing it.

Week 6 – Clean Slate

As I sit and think during the week for topics for the blog post (which I am developing a love for blogging by the way) I begin writing out the blog with pen and paper, then… it hits me!

Looking at this clean, pristine, white paper, blue lined, red lined margins, college ruled – with holes punched and perforated edge to tear out.  THIS analogy of a CLEAN SLATE (remember the settlers use small slate chalk boards and chalk)  Blank Canvas, Clear Posterboards, Clean Mirrors, Clear windows.

slate board College Paper

Begin anew, what would I do? How would I live and do and be, given the chance to “Start all over again”?

So, as I write down the details the pages come alive with the little bursts of dark blue from my colored pen and although not my best handwriting because I am sitting in a car writing in a not so comfortable position.

Another Aha! — So what I WANT is the neat, clean, pristine, calming, comfortable flow of pen on paper with the beautiful handwriting I have been complimented on so often.  The reason it is not, it is scattered and sporadic, is because I write it out so quickly (a first draft) to get it all down while thinking about it.

But, with Practice and Persistence (further drafts and clarification) the writing with full concentration, focus and indent eventually flows in the beauty and elegance that I know is in me.

Wow! – Intense – Deep – Authentically ME!

While working on my Movie Poster – again the page starts clean, cut outs and placement and “tweeking” and persistence and voila – it is finished!

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