Week 13 – Saving Ms. Michelle

Part of our “early” assignment for weeks 13 & 14 (since we do not have a collective webinar/class for week 14) was to watch one of 4 movies listed and look for the 4 tiny habits within the movies.

These movies included:
October Skyoctober-sky-original (1)
Cool RunningsCool Runnings

When I first looked at the list I was confident I had seen 3 of them, I was not sure of October Sky.  I mentioned this assignment to “watch movies” with a couple of family members and they were on board with watching any of them.  What else do you do at Christmas time right?

So by coincidence (?) or was it possibly the Law of Attraction that on Christmas night, on the local cable channel that “October Sky” was playing – and uninterrupted.  As I was about 20 minutes into the movie I did realize that I had seen it before, but it had been awhile and I was not sure of the outcome.  But it became clearer as I did watch it with the family.

I immediately implemented the R2A2 – a fun exercise comes almost naturally for me.

The 4 tiny habits we were to look for included:
DMP – Definite Major Purpose
PMA – Positive Mental Attitude
POA – Plan of Action
MMA – Mastermind Alliance

Easily I was able to pick out the habits within this movie.  As I reflected on what I remembered of the others, I could identify the habits in them as well.

NOW, I submit to you another movie that I feel fits the profile also.  It just so happens that it launched in theatres this Christmas season.  I watched it Christmas Eve eve with my sister and a friend and we all found different meanings.  “Saving Mr. Banks”, starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson.

Saving Mr Banks

Not wanting to give away any of the content of the movie, you meet the famous Walt Disney in pursuit of a dream to produce a movie based on a book written by a Mrs. Travers.  Please do yourself a favor and take the time to watch this movie as well, you will be pleasantly surprised by the intricacies woven within the story.   PPN’s of a Father’s Legacy, Helping Others, Recognition for Creative Expression – subtle as they may be, they are in there.

The Great Zig Ziglar has always been quoted as saying “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”,  Disney found the way to express how he truly cared about Mrs. Travers.

MKMMA’ers – I Care about all of you, and THANK YOU for caring about me as well.  I don’t know most of you, a few I have met and yet you all feel like family.  I feel like I have friends and family that “get me” – or at least this part of me anyway.  So, you have been Saving Ms. Michelle and again I Thank You!


Week 12 – I FEEL the LOVE!

One of my PPN’s (Personal Pivotal Needs) is Recognition for Creative Expression (or as a loving friend of mine simplified the words – Validation).  The SIT this week brought to mind “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman
5 love languages

My Love Languages in order of importance are:

1. Quality Time
2. Physical Touch
3. Words of Affirmation
4. Acts of Service
5. Receiving Gifts

That being said, Quality Time (undivided attention) is what you are giving ME, when you take the time to read my blog posts.  You are sitting down with me and looking and listening to me for a few moments.  Learning about me, who I am, how I think, what’s she going to say next, etc.

Physical Touch is my second language of love and although you are not actually physically touching me, you are creating a physical reaction by the love you show in reading my posts and commenting with your loving thoughts.

Once the comments on the blog posts start coming in, I realized that this is so much more than a give more, get more exercise.  It is our “group hug” of support, it is that helping hand to pull us up, it is that smile that brightens our day, it is a clarification needed for that tough piece of the cement Buddha to finally fall off forever.  IT IS LOVE!

And there it is – right in the middle of Week 12 #18 of the Master Keys System:
“The principle which gives the thought the dynamic power to correlate with its object, and therefore to master every adverse human experience, is the law of attraction, which is another name for love.  This is an eternal and fundamental principle, inherent in all things, in every system of Philosophy, in every Religion, and in every Science.  There is no getting away from the law of love.  It is feeling that imparts vitality to thought.  Feeling is desire, and desire is love.  Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible.”

I am actually in tears as I am typing this because this realization has touched me so deeply.  YOU CARE!  I DO Make a Difference.  By giving of myself in creating a blog, I am getting a need met.  By giving our comments to your blogs, YOU are getting love, insights, epiphanies, clarification, more ideas, and so much more that we do not even know what an impact we are having on your lives.  We are all growing closer and closer to the Universal Mind, and recognizing it within us.

It is only fitting that the theme of LOVE is timed perfectly with the season of Christmas.  Christmas is the true meaning of LOVE!  So with that being said, may I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Signing off in Love, until next week!  This is Michelle – Hey, I LOVE YOU!

Merry Christmas

Week 11 – Tortoise and the Hare (R2A2)

I “get” this! – Really I DO!
This week we’ve been challenged to R2A2 (Recognize, Relate, Assimilate, Apply) and I can honestly say that most of the time this comes fairly easy for me.  I analyze a lot of things, I always have.

Through this journes in the Master Keys System and finding the Golden Buddha by chipping away at the cement here is what comes to mind for me this week.

I am NOT in a race with others, but this is an “experience” in working on my own “self” – the me I have know all my life up to this point.

Tortoise Hare

Things are being revealed to me (the cement is falling off ) sometimes a little at a time and sometimes in huge chunks.

I was removing wallpaper in three rooms of a house last week.  The varying colors and textures and underlying adhesives were many.  Some I could rip off quite easily  with no release/removal agent and then others needed a little more effore.  On one bordered section the top layer came off with east but needed a little “extra” water application to “soak in” and “do the work”, then it would scrape right off with ease like a knife through soft butter.

Border number two was my tough one, it must have been applied with some heavy duty glue and would not budge with numerous soakings.  Finally combining the right combination of HOT water, vinegar and Dawn dish detergent with a saturated sponge pressed to the paper for 3-5 seconds in each spot and a sharp razor scraper and “consistent continuous application” over and over and over again and then scraping and a little elbow grease and “finally” there was a breakthrough and it slowly came off.  I did discover that there often times is a gnap or direction that the paper comes off a little easier.  One room pulled off easier right to left, or left to right, or bottom to top, and top to bottom – go figure – you have to find the right “combination” for the best results.  Is any of this sounding a little bit familiar to our exercises?

Could this be that the Universal was trying to confirm to me and show me that the teachings, the exercises, the “work”, really does work and manifests?
Think about it, different forms, textures, applications, devices, removals – whatever the tool may be.  All of these are parts of what we have been taught and are using in this great EXPERIENCE (not just a class)

Coincidently, a little over a year ago we had some concrete work done at the house and the same type of things applied.  While most of the concrete was removed  or penetrated with a jackhammer, there were a few areas that just a sledge hammer took care of, and then one section just would not budge at all.

R2A2 is fun!  I find myself frequently relating and enjoying it now that it has a fun name – I like the acronym (sounds science-fictiony)

So, Tortoise or Hare?  Some days, I GET this stuff so easily and zoom right in, do the work and feel such success right away (The Hare).  Then other days (a lot lately) I feel like I am the slowest learner on the planet (the Tortoise) and this stuff is just not sinking in or making sense.

post-mm-032-300x300When we are learning, as a child or as an adult there is always sowing and reaping (plant and wait, or hurry up and wait) and one day in an instant, and AHA moment!  Epiphany, Eureka, Yippee, DingDingDingDing, Right on the Nose!

I know this is a little lengthy already but hey, it’s my blog and I wanted to share a couple of major AHA’s in my life that I fully remember like they happened just moments ago.

Sixth Grade Math class (Thank you Miss Summers!) and we are working on the times tables and I just don’t “get it”!  Augh, what aggravation.   The loving teacher, with tons of patience, just kept at it and pushed us ever so slightly but not judgingly or angrily but with Love and persistence in not giving up.  And one day I exclaimed “Ooh – I get it now!” and enjoyed math from that day forward.  She validated me and loved on me and worked with me (one of my first Masterminds, and I did not know it)

Fast forward to first year in college and Computer Science 101.  I was the Straight A student in High School and struggling with a D in a college class, I was not happy.  So it is literally the last day, the day of the final exam and I had been cramming in the Ladies Lounge before the big test.  Get this, I was “sitting still” and calming myself and clearing my mind to relax and just accept whatever was going to happen, I had done my best up to this point.  All of a sudden, something clicked (the synapses fired, wired, connected) and EVERYTHING came rushing in and began making sense.  I managed to pull a B out of the course and enjoyed computer science after that as well.

This STUFF we are blessed to be learning at this stage in life is LIFE CHANGING.  I only wish I had known about it then, but I did – just not intentionally.  So today “I begin a new life, I greet this day with love and I persist until I succeed!

Week 10 – Abundance or Lack (In a Blizzard)

Southeast Missouri will be hit by blizzard-like conditions by tonight (Thursday, Dec 5, 2013)  When weather like this comes around here you can expect that guaranteed level of panic that goes with it (the sense of Lack).  It also looks like the creativity of a local resident  who terms himself as a “local media-rologist” (pun intended since it is on Facebook) gives a funny spoof to go along with the panic of the impending weather conditions – take a look.

Abominable snowman


The irony of this is the Abundance of snow that we do receive.

The ebb and flow of shoppers who will flood the supermarkets for the basic necessities of Bread, Milk, Eggs, Salt, Kitty Litter, and various other snow related items, and then once there store is wiped out, the people are all gone and then it feels like a ghost town because everyone has hunkered down and stays home bundled up awaiting the outcome.

I am sure you all get this idea – especially here in the USA, (except maybe Florida and California – people leave the colder states to travel to these two warmer ones)

In pondering what to write this week, I read Emerson’s Law again and the cycle continues – over, and over, and over again.

This is Missouri, we don’t get this weather all the time so people panic when it happens and they drive crazy in it or stay home.  States to the North who are used to these conditions probably consider 8-12 inches of snow and ice nothing.  Snow is normal for them and schools do not shut down at the tiniest snowflake prediction, they just think – meh – it’s snow, bring it on, we’ll drive through this.

But then again, in Missouri we have a saying – “Stick around a little while the weather will change in a day or so – or maybe even a few hours or minutes.

Week 9 – Thanksgiving

The perfect timing of Week 9 with the event the United States celebrates called Thanksgiving is interesting.

Week 9 flowing in to week 10 and we are given a slight (vacation day) from our webinars but not the homework.

So since I had the opportunity to spend most of the week alone, except for the few family gatherings for Thanksgiving meals I had time to ponder the events of the year and what this class in the MKMMA has done for me.

I Great This Day with Love in MY Heart!  This has been the theme of The Greatest Salesman’s Scroll 2 reading this month.  This one little line in such an amazing deep book has helped me realize I can love again, I am love, and I am loved!

A time of sowing and reaping includes a time of tilling and rest for the soil as well.  I have been tilling the soil of my mind and welcome the rest from the day’s and week’s accumulation of activity and sensory overload.  Rest is peaceful and needed and I am grateful.

I am grateful for this opportunity, family, friends, food, master mind alliance, freedom of this great country and peace.

I pray everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving and opportunity to truly look around and take in all the goodness that surrounds us all.

Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You MKMMA members!

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