Week 17a – What was their Legacy?

One of our assignments this week was to daily purchase a newspaper (not online) and read and look at the pictures in the obituaries.
An odd request, but once I started really reading them I did notice a pattern.

Obituaries are Paid notices of the Death of our Loved Ones.
Death Notices are Free and do not give as much information.
Both are usually privided by the Funeral Homes.

There seemed to be a pattern:
Name, died at or passed away, or left this world;
suddenly, after a long illness, automobile wreck, or at home.
Date of Death and then date of Birth

Who were the parents, step-parents, etc.
Married to spouse’s name and year of the event.
Daughter/Son to name of Parents
Mother/Father to names of children
Grandmother/Grandfather and even Great Grandmother/Great Grandfather.

High School Graduate, If they attended University or College.  Armed Services,  Retired or Active duty. Occupation, church and other civic organizations: Member of Fraternity or Sorority, Lodges, Clubs, One had 3 paragraphs of ongoing awards and board memberships and who’s who.

Naming of living spouse, children and relatives usually followed by those loving members who proceeded in death. A possible naming of pallbearers and then the funeral home arrangements.

I will admit in reading the obituaries, they seemed a little bland and cold.  And then led me to question my being and how others possibly saw me and looked at my life.  There was not much written about their lives or legacies or passions in the majority of the postings I did read and there were many.

But one of my favorites who I remember from this past December, I went back and pulled it up online (sorry had to).  The family was so loving in their description of the Matriarch and her love for Mickey Mouse.

NOTE:  I have blotted out the personal information out of respect for her and her family members, but notice the loving tribute to such a wonderful, unique and quirky lady.  I only met her a couple of times, but you can read the love.

(Deceased’s Name_, 92, longtime resident of ********, passed away unexpectedly Friday, Dec. **, 2013, in Jacksonville, Fla., while visiting her daughter.**** was known by many in (town name) as the “Mickey Mouse Lady,” as she drove around with her “MICKOMOM” license plate. She had a large collection of Mickey Mouse memorabilia she loved to show to the children or anyone who wanted to see it. You were amazed when you entered her home; it was almost as good as Disneyland!She was born May **, 1921, in (City, State), to Parents. She attended **** High School and **** Business College, She loved to work and held various jobs throughout her life, all the way to age 88.

She was preceded in death by her parents and two brothers, (names). She leaves behind to miss her: three daughters, (Names, spouses names and cities lived), A son; and a younger brother. **** was especially close to her granddaughter, (name); her Florida granddaughter, (name); grandsons in Jacksonville.

A new great-grandson had just joined the family in August, (name), and **** was spending time in Jacksonville getting to know and love him. Sadly missing her (treats!) also are granddoggies **** and ***.

A memorial service will be held later this month at (Name of Church in City).

I found this obituary to be a beautiful tribute to this lady and the legacy she left in her families’ memories.

So what type of Legacy are you leaving?
Have you stopped to THINK about how you would like to be remembered?
Are you living your Legacy right now?
What is stopping you?  Have you given Thought to changing it?
Why not start TODAY?

Hugs til next time!



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